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Giovanni Segantini Museum

The painter of light

An entire museum in St. Moritz is dedicated to Giovanni Segantini – the painter who died early in 1899 at the age of just 41. The painter spent the last years of his life in the Engadine and during this time created a series of works that captured the light of the Engadine in an unprecedented way. This is why Segantini is often called the painter of light. The museum with its mighty dome was built in 1908 by the architect Nicolaus Hartmann. It was renovated for the 100th anniversary of the artist's death.
To this day, the museum houses the largest collection of works by Giovanni Segantini, which are made accessible to an art-loving public in regular exhibitions. Born in 1858 in Arco in Tyrol, which at the time belonged to the Austrian Empire, Segantini initially lived with his family in Savognin, Switzerland, and moved to Bregaglia in 1894. He spent the summers of his last years in Maloja and the winters in Soglio. During these years he painted the famous "Alpine Triptych", which consists of the three large pictures "Becoming – Being – Passing away". The backgrounds of the paintings depict the Alpine landscapes of Soglio, the twilight seen from the Schafberg in the Engadine and the winter landscape of Maloja. Giovanni Segantini was already famous as a landscape painter during his lifetime, regarded by many as a great innovator of Alpine painting. But Segantini himself also appreciated another artistic genre, namely the portrait. In addition to landscapes, he created a series of touching portraits. His life story was made into a film under the title: "Giovanni Segantini – Magic of Light".

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Segantini Museum St. Moritz
Via Somplaz 30
CH-7500 St. Moritz
+41 81 833 44 54

3 minutes by public transport from the Crystal Hotel, 10 minutes on foot.