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Horse-drawn carriages

Horse power in the snow

Thickly wrapped up under warm blankets and sheepskins, to the jingling of little bells – this is another way to explore and enjoy the winter landscape around St. Moritz. Despite the bitter cold – or perhaps because of it. A ride on a horse-drawn sleigh over the crunching snow is definitely pure romance and makes hearts beat faster. Like in a picture book, the winter landscape slowly passes by. Even the little ones have fun with this slow way of travelling and enjoy the closeness to the animals. The experienced coachmen take their guests to the most beautiful vantage points and into quiet, enchanted side valleys. Moments that will surely be remembered.

In the warmer months, we change from skids to wheels and off we go at the same leisurely pace of 2 HP. This time, however, through flowering alpine meadows and forests scented with resin, past rushing mountain streams. We recommend a horse-drawn carriage ride into the impressive Val Roseg, where the view is entirely taken up by the glacier, or a ride to the picturesque lake Lej da Staz situated in a forest clearing. 

winter season (and all year round)

Kutscherei Danco Motti
Locations: Chantarella or Salastrains (only during the winter season)
+41(0)79 681 20 68

From the Crystal Hotel you can reach the Chantarella funicular in 3 minutes, which takes you to the Chantarella location in 6 minutes.


Via Pros da God Sur 27
CH-7504 Pontresina
+41 81 832 32 90

from the Crystal Hotel in 12 minutes by car, in 30 minutes by public transport.