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Toboggan runs

High-speed or romantic?

One of the most beautiful winter pleasures is a sledge ride through the snowy mountain landscape. Regardless of whether you prefer a romantic and slow experience or the thrill of speed and sharp turns, there are three toboggan runs in the immediate vicinity of St. Moritz, all of which are unique.

Toboggan run Muottas Muragl

Starting point is the Muottas Muragl with its magnificent view of the mountain panorama. Some maintain that it is the fastest of all toboggan runs in the region. In any case, the 20 curves on the over 4 kilometre long track and the almost 700 metres of altitude difference guarantee an adrenaline rush. Once you reach the bottom, your heart still pounding, you want to go right back up again for a second ride. 
From the Crystal Hotel by car in 9 minutes, by public transport in 11 minutes to the valley station Punt Muragl. The funicular ride up to Muottas Muragl takes about 12 minutes.

Toboggan run Bergün

The route from Preda to Bergün is a winter adventure for the whole family. From Preda at an altitude of 1800 metres, the route follows the pass road, which is closed to traffic, for more than 5 kilometres down into the valley to Bergün. Since the track is on an ordinary road, the gradient is even and the road is also illuminated by street lamps. Ideal conditions for families with children. Sledges can be hired and returned at the Rhaetian Railway stations in Preda and Bergün.
From the Crystal Hotel in just under 40 minutes by public transport.

Toboggan run Bever

The "Crasta Mora", a 1 km long toboggan run along the lower part of the Via Engiadina, promises tobogganing of a somewhat more leisurely kind. Its rather gloomy Rhaeto-Romanic name ("deep black mountain ridge") is deceptive. The Crasta Mora is a magic run that leads through a fairy tale snow-filled larch forest. Between the trees you can always catch a glimpse of the high valley. A 20-minute walk takes you from Bever town hall to the starting point.
From the Crystal Hotel in 15 minutes by car and in 28 minutes by public transport.