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Ovaverva Indoor Pool, Spa and Sports Centre

Health-giving springs in the 21st century

St. Moritz owes its beginnings to its mineral springs. Already in the Middle Ages spa guests visited the high alpine mountain village. The famous physician Paracelsus praised the wonderful healing power of the St. Moritz water. Towards the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century, cures were popular among the elite, and places like St. Moritz developed rapidly, transforming them from modest mountain villages to sophisticated spa resorts that knew how to respond to the wishes of their discerning clientele. The municipality of St. Moritz adopted the historical concept of health-promoting water when building the new indoor swimming pool and adapted it to the needs of today’s guests. The result is not only a facility with swimming and diving pools, children's and fun area, but also a complete sports and leisure centre with its additional spaces for wellness, gastronomy, outdoor activities and shops. At the OVAVERVA Indoor Pool, Spa & Sports Centre St. Moritz, guests enjoy precious, healing water in its two aggregate states all year round – in the indoor pool where you can swim, dive, splash and slide, or in the sauna area, inhaling steam and relaxing.

all year round

OVAVERVA Via Mezdi 17, St. Moritz, 4 minutes by car from the Crystal Hotel, 11 minutes by public transport. A half-hour walk will also take you to your destination.

Pool And Spa (Ovaverva)