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Cresta Run

Down the ice channel on a sledge

It was in the winter of 1884/1885 that a group of British sledge enthusiasts decided to build an ice channel for their sporting pleasure, the legendary Cresta Run. Today, it is still considered to be one of the most spectacular sledge runs in the world. The driving force behind the construction was the British Major Bulpett, who also founded the St. Moritz Tobogganing Club (SMTC). To this day, the SMTC continues to build the natural ice track on the same site as in 1885, year after year. From the starting point in St. Moritz to the finish in Celerina, the course has a length of 1214 metres and a height difference of 157 metres. From the end of December to the beginning of March, spectacular races or training runs are held daily on the track. The athletes race on their small sledge, the skeleton, lying on their stomachs, headfirst through the winding ice channel at top speeds of up to a good 130 km/h. In the Cresta Run, the curves are only slightly elevated, which means that riders who stray from the right lane can be thrown off the track. This is a high-risk sport, which over the years has also led to several broken bones and even fatalities. When entering the clubhouse, one is confronted with a horrible skeleton showing all the body parts that had to be "repaired" after serious crashes. Anyone who dares to ride the Cresta Run must first complete an introduction, the "death talk", in which the club secretary warns about the dangers of the hell ride.

Further information on the website of the SMTC. Good luck and stay safe and sound!

Winter Season

Cresta Run Club House
Via Ruinatsch 7
7500 St. Moritz

From the Crystal Hotel on foot or by public transport in 11 minutes.