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Olympia Bob Run St. Moritz – Celerina

Centrifugal forces at work

Starting at the end of November, it takes three weeks to build the Olympic Bob Run St. Moritz – Celerina. The track is built from scratch every year using around 15,000 m3 of snow and 7,000 m3 of water. First opened in 1904, the track is the oldest and only natural ice bobsleigh track in the world. In the course of its more-than-100 years history, much has changed in technical terms, but the principles have remained the same: manual work, experience and, above all, a good sense of proportion to keep the track in perfect Olympic shape, again and again. For the year 2023 it has been chosen as the venue for the Bobsleigh and Skeleton World Championships. The guest rides offered by the bobsleigh club are very popular. Guests sit in a modified four-man Olympic- class bob, safely embedded between pilot and brakeman. The ride on the 1722-metre-long natural ice track is an adrenaline rush that lasts just under 75 seconds. Top speeds of up to 135 km/h are reached. In addition to the kick and the thrill, a personal diploma for the "bobsleigh baptism" awaits the guest rider at the end. Watch out: centrifugal forces of up to five times the body weight are released in the curves. People with impaired health are recommended to consult their doctor before a ride.

Winter Season

Olympic Bob Run
Plazza Gunter Sachs
Via Maistra 54
7500 St. Moritz
+41(0) 830 02 00

From the Crystal Hotel on foot in 8 minutes or by public transport.